Oh, Hi. at Big Toe Gallery

June 21–September 15, 2019

Oh, Hi Screenshot 3.jpg

Oh, Hi. is a project created for Big Toe Gallery. Big Toe is an online space that invites artists exploring internet culture or new digital technologies in their studio practice — whether visually, intellectually, or through process — to create an original digital work. During the exhibition’s length the created piece becomes the main visual component of the gallery’s home page.

My artwork is like a coded diary. I express intimate daily thoughts, but wrap them in a private language made of images from my life and childhood. For Oh, Hi., I explored that idea more literally, taking written thoughts and diary entries and rewriting them as monologues spoken by an animated dog named Barrabas. As visitors navigate through the site by clicking drawings of dogs in various styles and poses, Barrabas meets them on each page, where he talks about fears, dreams, and feelings in an odd and slightly playful language: people’s names are changed to character names, “woofs” and “ruffs” interrupt sentences, and jokes cover up awkward moments. Oh, Hi., which takes its character and language inspiration from the beloved childhood game Animal Crossing, explores the boundaries between being open and private, vulnerable and guarded.

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